Subsurface Evaluations, Inc. is no longer in business.  To all our clients that we served for 25 years, Diane and I extend a sincere thank you for your patronage and the trust you placed in us.   If you have geophysical survey needs, and want someone that you can trust, I recommend contacting Scott Purcell at GeoView, Inc., 813-767-0764. 

If you need documents pertaining to a project that SEI performed for a legal matter, we are happy to provide themt to authorized parties.  The prepaid fees are: $35 for residential GPR, $45 for residential ERI, and  the fee for other projects will depend on the size of the project.   Please send your request and check made payable to Robert Wilson to: 

Robert J. Wilson, Documents Custodian, SEI, 2332 Foliage Oak Terrace, Oveido, FL  32766.

 I am also happy to verify employment on past employees; mail your requests to the same address.